Admire Gwatidzo

Kufunda Learning Village

Abstract – Presentation:

Kufunda Learning Village have been working with Barefoot college in lndia training women to be rural solar engineers. We have 11 women who have beeen training with the idea of bring solar enengy in to rural communities. Our aim is to support communities to have solar energy for home systems and Agriculture purposes so that they can sustain themselves in food and energy. Zimbabwe communities use firewood for domestic use every day which have lead to land degradation. Our wish is to support communities to make use of green energy as well earn a living so that we have healthy vibrant communities that are fully sustainable. This year we have written proposal to solarise kufunda village and 5 communities that we work with in Zimbabwe. Mostly people in Zimbabwe communities leave their communities and go to towns to look for employment but we are saying this community people are the only one who can change their communities. So renewable energy is the only way to go for Zimbabwe and Beyond. I was also impressed with Somso energy academy is Denmark which l one visit .

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