Søren Hermansen

CEO of Samso Energy Academy

Born and raised on the island Samsø, lives on Samso with a family of wife and two children. He is fluent in the local Samso dialect, in Danish and English.

After achieving the farmer green certificate in 1983, Søren turned to education and community development.

1987 – The university of Aarhus DK – environmental studies.

1998 –  Organisation leader of Samso Energy and Environment organisation (SEEO)– Samsø, Denmarks 100% Renewable Energy Island

2006 – present: CEO of Samso Energy Academy www.energiakademiet.dk

As a farmer Søren is familiar with technology and is experienced in the renewable energy development tools such as windpower, solar, biomass and all the technical stuff you need to know in this business. This is handy in the conversation with stakeholders and activists that takes place every day on Samsø, in Denmark, in the European union and the world in general. Søren is making common knowledge into action and translating “top down” policies into local activity. “Community power is key to energy democracy and local ownership.”

Workshop leader in a number of EU projects. Cradle 2 Cradle energy islands, barriers for biogas, wind studies, local engagement and ownership and several other topics.

Former Board member of OVE. The Danish organisation for renewable energy.

Board member of European island network ISLENET

Member of advisory panel for the Danish ministry of energy and climate. Member of think tank – Japan Renewable Energy Foundation, JREF.

MIB workgroup member in Velux Foundation.


Euro Solar award 2002

Time Magazine – Hero of the Environment 2008

Gotenborg award 2009-

2010 Adj. professor at Aalborg University department of sustainable energy planning.

Svend Auken award for environmental leadership 2011.

Books and articles:

2011 Author of “Commonity= Common + Community” a book about modern commons and how to understand them.

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